Friday, February 20, 2015

#4- Want to know how you can prepare for a photography session?

LOCATION: The location of the photo shoot can add a whole lot of meaning and fun to your photos! The images will be focused on you, but a great background adds a ton of color, texture, lines and light! In general, I shoot in either a natural or an urban setting.
Natural spots are gorgeous open fields and treed areas. They work great for playing and focusing on each other-- great for families or children. Urban spots are cool alleys and eccentric buildings. They have great color, texture and variety. I love these with couples and senior photo shoots, but any type of session gets great results!

 KIDS: Are we photographing kids? As much as I hate to use bribery as a big one, it definitely does help when trying to get those last few shots. I also bring along a little treat with me that I use if I'm just hoping for one or two more with cooperation. The plus side to children's photography is you're really trying to capture their personality and their individual facial expressions. Most of the time the parents get the break and I try to bond and have fun with the little ones and get those natural looks. Help from parents comes by not scheduling a session during a normal nap or feeding time. Make sure they are well-rested and comfortable. Maybe bring a snack or two? And always bring an extra change of clothes in case the inevitable happens!! Need help deciding what to wear? If you can't find what you're looking for on Pinterest.. (my go to site!) than I'm happy to help you piece items together. Not sure about which scarf? Send me texts of both and I'll give you feedback.
CLOTHING: As just mentioned, I'm happy to help you select your attire. I love for families and couples to coordinate, but not be matchy-matchy! Nothing screams "Cheese balls!!" like wearing the same plaid shirts. Maybe stick to solids and layers and use a few colors together.
NOW WHAT? The fun begins! It's time for the session. I'll be in lots of communication with you through the planning process and continue as I work behind the scenes preparing your images. Post-processing can take 2-4 weeks (depending on the time of year and my schedule), but I try to make sure I get you sneak peeks within a few days, if not hours! I want to make sure you're incredibly comfortable with the process, session, images, price. Any questions are welcome and I want you to be incredibly satisfied with the result.

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