Friday, February 20, 2015

#3- What's the best way to prepare for a photo shoot?

A photo shoot of any kind is a small investment for any individual, but preparing for it could differ based on what type of session you've booked. My job as the photographer is not only to give you amazing photos to treasure for a lifetime, but also to help you readily prepare and feel good about your upcoming session. Regardless of which session you have booked, some of the general prep tips still apply. I'll try to give you a break down of the biggies! Hair: Please don't cut your hair right before the photo shoot. Not only have you not had much time to adjust to your new look, but there is a chance you may not like your cut, know how to style it or know what it will look like in photographs. Also, hair pulled back away from the face is the most flattering look. If you're over the age of 12, or not doing a spunky senior photo shoot, avoid large, dramatic hair pieces and accessories. It's smart to bring bobby pins or barettes to be able to pin your hair back on a windy day. Nails: You may not want bright polish because it will stand out in photos, but you will want well manicured hands and nails. Try to stick with a neutral color polish and make sure to paint and/or touch them up before your shoot. Skin: Moisturize!! However, if you have a breakout, don't panic. Blemishes can be buffed out (oh the wonders of Photoshop!) Keep it light on the makeup. Make sure it matches your complexion, so your face doesn't look orange compared to the rest of your body. Applying a light, natural look will accent your facial features. Clothes: If you are going to wear something that requires ironing, I suggest doing so the night before and then letting it hang to have a more natural feel. Don't wear it in the car if you can avoid it. Avoid any extreme patterns or drastic colors (Especially when in a group) because it distracts from all the pretty faces. :)

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