Friday, July 11, 2014

#2- Your favorite local vendors that your ideal client should check out. Why?

I have a few favorites, but they truly depend on what each client's style, personality and preference are. If you like the park setting with rustic walls and backdrops or railroad tracks and bright blue sky, than I definitely recommend looking into Fortville Memorial Park. It's cute, it's quaint and you'll rarely get photo-bombed. Some of my favorite images from this park are with Abie:
Also, there's Holiday Park that has some great backgrounds and open areas.
Or maybe you are looking for something other than a public park. Being an on-location photographer allows me to go and take pictures that have meaning to you. Maybe it's the apple tree at the spot where you are planning to build your new house.
... family reunions...
Maybe it's your own yard or road with a bit of a Pinterest-y touch?
You get the idea. The point is for each client to pick a style they'd like to see come to life in their photographs.

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