Thursday, December 20, 2012

Mary & Shawn's Engagement Photo Session

Jake & I had the pleasure of photographing Mary & Shawn recently for their engagement session. They were super fun & had a great chemistry together!

Here are a few of the shots from our session along with a little Q & A time with the bride & groom to be.  

How long have you been together?
Mary: "We dated back in 2008 for about 4 months. We got back together in July, got engaged in October, totaling 9 months/ but 5 months and counting."

Who approached who, and with what pick up line?
Mary: "Well Shawn and I had dated before about 5 years ago. We were mutual friends decided to date, we dated for a few months and went our separate ways. Four years later, I was riding in the car with my mom and he facebook messaged “Hey haven’t talked in a long time just wanted to catch up and say hi” I messaged him back with my number, and he immediately called. LOL We talked for a while and decided to get together for dinner that Thursday, and haven’t separated since."

Tell me about the proposal. 
Mary: "I am a very hard person to surprise. I told Shawn the only thing that mattered was that I was surprise when it came to the engagement. We had talked about it but I didn’t know it was coming.
            So it was a Friday, we had plans to go out with some of my friends after I got off work, for a birthday party. I was to pick up my son Elijah up from my mothers, who had been watching him while I worked, wait for his dad to pick him up when he got off, and we were going to meet them out. My mom texted me and said she was going to run an errand and that she would drop Elijah off to me at my place, in the mean time Shawn texted me and said “Hey lets grab dinner before we pick Elijah up.” I thought perfect she’s going to be later we have time. So I meet Shawn at the Ale, my favorite place to eat, (we ordered a couple beers, some food; I was watching game on TV.) Well Shawn was being really quite, I even asked four times babe what’s wrong something bothering you, I can see it in your face something up, he assured me he was okay and he was just tired.. So we get done eating paying the bill, I’m finishing my drink, watching the game Shawn says “So do you love me” (thinking he was just being cute) I was like “Oh you know cause I have to” When I looked at him he looked like I had just kicked his puppy, he goes “No really do you love me” pushing the box across the table. I about fell off my seat, screamed “SHUT UP, Right now, Right now” I opened the box, and again he said “So do you love me” I said “yes” and then “DON’T get down on one knee there’s too many people.. So when we got home he got down on one knee and asked me again “Will you marry me,” of course I said “Yes.”

If your fiancé could be a famous person, who would he/she choose to be?
Mary: "With his passion for music he would want to be James Hetfield, lead singer of Metallica."        

Shawn: "She doesn’t really have a famous person, but would have liked to be a professional rugby player."

What do you love most about Shawn?
Mary: "I love Shawn for many reasons of course, but the thing that made me know he was the one, was the care, compassion and love he has for Elijah (my son) and myself. He would give me the world with no questions asked. He strives every day to make me completely happy."

Name one thing you own that your fiancé will throw out the first chance he/she gets.
Mary: "Honestly neither one of us has anything like that. I throw everything away..."

What do you want to remember about the two of you, right now? 
Mary: "The fresh, fun, new love we have for one another. The "puppy love" stage."

How did you know your fiancé was “the one”?
Mary: "When we got back together in July, just seeing how much we each had grown, where we had been and come in just 4-5 years. I was in love with Shawn in two weeks, I knew in two months I would marry him. Shawn has an amazing heart, he would give me the world, take care of me no matter what, and he always puts me first."
Shawn: "I was in love in 08. I knew she was the one for me when I got to know her again. She is perfect for me."

What is the most embarrassing thing your fiancé has done around you?
Mary: "I pluck Shawn’s eye brows. I’ve tried talking him into threading, haven’t gotten him there yet."
Shawn: "She came at me with tweezers."

Name one activity Shawn does with you ONLY because he loves you.
Mary: "It’s really simple, but Shawn downloads our show every week and at times our schedules are so off, but he waits for me to watch our show together. Simple but it’s our time together."

Where do you see yourself in 5/10/20 years?
Mary: "5yrs, Married lol Living in a house in greenwood, with possibly two babies, plus Elijah. Finishing my degree, Shawn still working for the union.  10yrs Married, three kids, building a house with 10 20 acres, Shawn playing in a band on the weekends, working, Kids soccer and T Ball on the weekends.
20yrs Married Working part time, drinking coffee on the front porch, and traveling just the two of us."
Shawn: "Loaded... with kids... in love."

Where did you share your first kiss?
Mary: "Well our first PECK would be in the driveway, before I left. I had gone down for dinner and we were talking in the driveway before I went home and as we hugged goodbye he slipped one in. But our actual first kiss would be in the car sitting at the park where we had walked for a bit talking."

What is your favorite physical feature about your fiancé?
Mary: "I have two, first his hands. His hands are a little rough, but not to rough. (If that makes sense) You can tell he works a lot with his hands, but they still are soft for a nice back rub. Although my favorite part is when we hold hands, they are the perfect size for me, they are a perfect fit J  Second his eyes, you can tell every emotion, thought, or random feeling thru his eyes. When we talk I can tell what he’s thinking in the way he looks at me. Shawn is really good about eye contact, which is major to me, you can tell he truly listening when we talk."
Shawn: "Her eyes, you can tell everything with every look. She has a look/ glance for everything."

What are some of your favorite details you’re planning for your big day? (Aside from your wedding photographer, of course!)
Mary: "Shawn has a huge passion for music. So we are trying to incorporate that into a lot of it, custom guitar pics for our guests to keep, cupcake stands made of old records, and then we are going to have the guest write on records and frame them with our wedding picture. One of my favorite parts we are planning is the balloon release after the ceremony, instead of rice and bubbles."
Shawn: "I asked for the task of the DJ, to ensure the music and lighting will be perfect for the day."

You can see more of Shawn & Mary's engagement session on my website as my Featured couple. We are very excited to shoot their wedding in June and look forward to working with such an amazing couple. 

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