Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Welcome June!

I've been meaning to post over the last few days but then I get side-tracked. I was never at my computer long enough.... But low and behold... There's an app for that. ;)
So, might as well try the iPhone app out, huh?
The first couple days of June have been busy so far. Jake and I didn't have any kids over the weekend, but sometimes that makes our weekends seem even more packed as we try to cram it all in.
Saturday morning the little boys had a t-ball game. Beautiful weather for tball. I left there and hit up some Cambridge community garage sales with my mom and brother. For such extravagant houses and beautiful views, they have crap to sell. Junk. Fortunately a couple of tween girls were selling their entire wardrobes for fun and everything was $1. I stocked up on anything from 3-5T from Childrens Place, Gymboree, Raloh Lauren, etc. It helped make the trip seem worthwhile.
Later that afternoon, Jake and I met up with our favorite realtor, Mr James Junkins to look at some bigger houses. We are in a tough spot at the moment. Money is tight, I am, well, "working from home" and we have six people and three dogs living in a 3br/2ba 1399sqft home. It was much easier to manage when we had our "no-kid" weeks and could have the house clean and toys removed from the living area.... But now they are here every day and I notice the walls closing in on us. Haha. We also have the dream of not living somewhere with an HOA or a sidewalk. However, that's realistically out of the picture with 4 kids that need to be in a specific area and still managing to have the living space that makes us comfortable. Either way, we might have found a "for awhile" house but not sure how interested we will become!
We've started talking weddings. Ugh. I don't want to talk about them now. ;)

The three boys started tennis camp yesterday. They seemed to enjoy it. I didn't hear much about it from any of them but they were definitely wore out!

Anne Marie wasn't feeling well all day and she slept on my lap the entire time. In fact, I got up at one point and she stayed on the chair- sawing logs. Too cute!

I have no kids the rest of the day today. I can't exactly decide how to spend my time!!