Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Day 2 Summer Vacay & Photo Edits

4 kids home from school.   Every.   Day. :)

Overall, I am surprised at how well they have been doing. They have been getting along overall and we've only had a few little issues to work out. Thank goodness for neighbor-kid, Josh, today!!

Yesterday was kind of tough for the kids because it had rained all night so going outside was not an option. Let's just say, we're making up for lost time today! They have been outside since right after breakfast and I have been able to get a lot of stuff done! It's not easy to referee from inside, but in turn, I have finished Emily & Jordan's pictures from their session the other day.

And if you follow me at all on Facebook, you know that I have had a bit of a rough morning with my son. He aims to be the funny one-- at the expense of spending a majority of his day in timeout. I'm still learning how to deal with that.

As I google parenting, thought I might share a portion of my day that I have actually been proud of..

Here's some sneak-peaks at Emily & Jordan's photo shoot from the other day. :)

 I'm thinking about running a promotion for the months of June & July..... not sure what it will be yet, but stay tuned for that. 

I'd write more, but I have to go find the CapriSun thief... Ha. Oh, how my troubles have changed this year!


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